Our Approach

The customers’ needs are our number one priority. We will ensure your protection and your satisfaction with every assignment.

Our Story

Tiger Solutions Group is a Houston, Texas-based company that specializes in professional bodyguards and private protection officers. These officers are available to you both domestically and abroad. Our agents are trained to respond to the most challenging situations including personal attacks, workplace violence, investigations, employee terminations, domestic violence, and many more.

Meet the Team

Tiger Solutions Group is family-owned and operated based in Houston Texas.

Dave Self


Dave joined the team in 2019. He brings his experience as an expert in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Tony Sanchez


Tony joined the team in 2021. He brings many years of experience in law enforcement and compliance.

Tim Poole


Tim joined the team in 2018. He brings extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, and executive protection.

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